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Western Room

You are in Cowboy Country

This room will remind you of the westerns you watched as a kid.  They don't make westerns like they used to, but here in southern Alberta, the culture is alive and well, not all that different from the movies.  Thankfully however, today's cowboys don't kill each other ........ often.

But there really are cowboys today.  They ride the range not on quads as you might imagine, but on horses.  If you visit us in the summer, there are numerous "stampedes" where you can see them display the cowboy skills that have been passed down through generations.

And this room is a tribute to the cowboy culture.  Of course, the coffee pot is electric; you don't have to build your own fire.  (In fact, we would rather you didn't!)  But in this room you will find horse-shoes, rope, a cowboy hat, and even a little cowboy humour.  (You'll see when you get here.)

To be more practical for a minute, the room is  19 feet by 16 feet, and has in-room coffee, a television set where you can play your movies (no local reception) and drawer space.  Click here for more pictures.

Oh yes, and when you wake up in the morning and look out of the window, you will be reminded again - you really are in cowboy country! 

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